XMobile   Measuring Decision-Making

This project, led by Aluma Dembo and Sid Feygin, uses XMobile to test economic theories on decision making. The researchers take a graphical interface first developed for the computer and implement it in the mobile phone environment. The graphical interface, developed by Investigator Kariv, has been validated over repeated experiments and thousands of subjects as a means of effectively measuring economic decisions at the individual level [Choi et al., 2006; 2007.] For this XMobile project subjects are prompted to make decisions on their mobile phones at random times throughout the week. This experiment uses revealed preference techniques to test whether rationality and preferences are the same "in the wild" as in the laboratory. Additionally, this study attempts to explain decisions using the rich set of information available on the mobile phone.


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[Choi et al., 2007] Syngjoo Choi, Raymond Fisman, Douglas Gale, and Shachar Kariv. Consistency and heterogeneity of individual behavior under uncertainty. The American Economic Review, 97(5):1921–1938, 2007.